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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wild Age Press Honorable Mention poems

Here's some nice news:

Wild Age Press gave me an honorable mention in their "Anything Goes" poem contest. They put up a photo and bio of me (which, perhaps, you were looking at just before clicking over here to read my honorably mentioned poems). 

Editor Kelly Lynn Thomas says these poems earned the mention "for their innovative form, strong imagery, and fascinating subject matter."

They are queron, a 17-line poetry form of my own devising. I hope you will enjoy. Smiley face.

  * * *

"Serious Ink"

“Pinstriped skin? You want pinstriped skin?”
So, needlessly, you repeat it.
“Okay, okay. The Pinstripe Kid.”
He’s old. He fetches his needles
and a jar of powdered black ink.

“Take a couple months. At least weeks,
you know.” Yes, you know. The man slakes
the ink from a cracking teapot.
Though chilly, you take off your slacks.
“So what’s up?” he asks. “You pissed off

at your mother?” But when he asks,
it’s at the back wall, an aside.
So you don’t say anything.  “Fuck,”
he barks, laughs or coughs.  What?  “Hell. Stripes.
You know? Never mind. You ready?”

You are. Each etching stroke feels like
bursting across a finish line.

   * * *

"Now You Know"

Do porcupines masturbate? Answer: Yes.
I guess naturalists must have seen it,
but I learned it from Trivial Pursuits.
“What’s trivial,” asks the spiny rodent,
“about pursuing pleasure?” I’ll say this:

when I think how everyone masturbates,
I picture Ronald and Nancy Reagan
around the start of the 1980s.
They weren’t attractive, but I was thirteen,
with certain chemistries coalescing.

“That’s hilarious,” laughs the porcupine,
“if I’m to judge. Say, do you have something
salty to eat?” To be clear, the Reagans
are not objects of my fantasizing.
I just think of them as masturbators,

standing for all humans as such. “I think
playing is why we live,” it says, chewing.

   * * *

"A Vision During a Vision Quest"

What happens as I watch a spider’s web
over a small stream? After many hours,
a wave of bugs on an advancing wind
washes over the spot. “It’s the spider’s
I think, watching several wing pairs

stick and tangle. Only then do I hear
the approaching rustle behind the swarm.
It’s a woman in hiking boots, long hair,
and a bikini, swinging, like Occam’s
Razor, a broad stick to de-web her way.

“Hi.” She could be a god in human form.
“Ya’ll having a party over at Bonne’s?”
“It’s a retreat.” Her hips shift and she seems
to give, by repetition, a koan:
“Ya’ll having a party?” I don’t know. Her

weedy pubes spin out thick and uncontained.
When she blazes on, the spider web’s gone.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Categories Round 4 Rannygazoo!

Let your mind slip and slide down the linguistic pathways it loves.
Let it fall into new alcoves to discover ghost harpists igniting juniper knishes.
Get distracted, found, lost. Get silly.

This is a word game where you think of words that fit in certain categories and start with certain letters. Here is How to play.

Draw your grid, four cells by four cells.
Your categories across the tops of your four columns are:

Words related                  Embellishments                Synonyms              Made-up words
to show biz                      (up to you to define)         for "fix"                  (must include definition)

Your rows get these four letters:

Now, fill in the cells, a word related to show biz beginning with P, an embellishment beginning with P...
A word related to show biz beginning wtih I
A word related to show biz beginning with G

Post your answers in the comments section by July 13 for capricious adjudication and assignment of points.

Your score will be calculated according to these basic rules*:
1 point for each answer
+? for LOLs. Funny is good.
+10 if you include a flash fiction (50-200 words) that includes at least five of your answers.+1 for any of your answers that match my answers (unposted until the end)
+one billion for any made-up words or definitions that match mine (I expect to get outlandish)
+1/2 and 1/4 point increments for multi-word answers in which each word starts with the cue letter; e.g., for celebrities starting with H, Helen Hunt would score 1.5 points and Hollywood Hulk Hogan would score either 1.75 or 2 depending on my attention for fractional math at the time of scoring.
+10 points if you refer someone else to this game and they play it. No limit on this one. If 20 of your friends play categories, that's 200 freakin' points!
+1 point for first-timers (welcome, new players)

*as well as a fair amount of whim. Good luck and happy gaming!