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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I got time! A gospel call and response

I got time
A gospel call and response

[A lead singer leads the song
and the chorus responds
with echo or exclamation.
After the third verse,
different singers improvise
the lead vocal, and when
everybody has had a turn
and the assembly is satisfied,
the first two verses are repeated
with a long ritardando at the end.
Chords are major I-IV-V-ii
in familiar gospel style,
played by everybody
who has an instrument.
Dancing is encouraged.]

Oh, I got time.  (I got the time.)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time.)
Now, I got time (I got the time.)
To do what I love, (Do what you love!)
Do what I want, (What you want!)
Do what I need. (What you need!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time.)
I got time. (Hallelu!)

There was a time (Once was a time)
I didn’t see (Lord have mercy!)
That I had time (Yes, yes!)
Thought time had me. (Mm-mm!)
But gradually (Praise the Lord!)
I found I’m free, (Hallelujah!)
And I got time. (I got the time)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

To read to my daughter
To drink a little water
To see a river otter
To read Harry Potter
To spend a quarter
To drink some porter
I got time. (I got the time!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

To do my study.
To see my buddy.
To get real muddy.
Even get bloody,
Go down in the floody
Play with Silly Putty.
I got time. (I got the time!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

To answer my mail
To wag my tail
Fix the hole in the pail
Eat dino-kale
Get hit by hail
Get old and frial
I got time. (I got the time!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

[This goes on for some time
with different singers all taking turns
at these listing verses where six lines all rhyme
ending with the refrain “I got time…”
The lines should come rapidly,
spontaneously, sloppily and joyously
in the surrendering spirit of improvisation.
More potential verses follow:]

To laugh a little
To cry a puddle
To get into a muddle
To put on the kettle
Feel fit as a fiddle
To wiggle my middle
I got time. (I got the time!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

To play a game.
To go out in the rain.
To wrack my brain.
To go insane.
To feel real pain.
To heal again.
I got time. (I got the time!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

To feed the sick.
To light a wick.
To do my trick.
With a dowsing stick.
To throw a brick.
To flick my Bic.
I got time. (I got the time!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

To praise the all.
To answer the call.
To go to the mall.
To rise and fall.
For the big and small.
For the short and tall.
I got time. (I got the time!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Play Categories for prizes! Game ON: Round 3

Beezo says, "Relax!"
De Jackson, RJ Clarken and Phil Fleischmann all took prizes in rannygazoo round #2. The gem that really stuck with me was RJ's R-entry for "obscure words." Spending the weekend in Vegas with friends from college, I had many opportunities to use the word rannygazoo, though nobody knew what I was talking about.
If you'd like to join me in reviving the old rannygazoo, it means about the same as shenanigans.  

What? You want another round? Of course you do! I do, too!
(Here's how to play).

For round three the categories are:
1. Someone you would like to hug
2. Objects smaller than a kernel of corn
3. Synonyms for "sexy"
4. A complete sentence beginning with the cue letter wherein that letter is used more often than any other single letter.

The 4-letter word: MELD

Points will be awarded capriciously and arbitrarily based on (or in spite of) these rules:

1 point per cell filled
+ 1/2 point for multi-word answers in which each word starts with the cue letter (e.g., for actors starting with C, Chevy Chase would score a bonus 1/2 point).
+ 1 point for each hug actually delivered to your answers for category 1 (Max bonus = 4 points. Please declare your hugs. Honor system observed.)
+ 2 points for the smallest object named for each letter across all entries, if possible to determine.
+ 2 for the sentence with the most occurrences of the cue letter, for each letter, across all entries.
+ 1-5 bonus points for LOLs
+ 10 bonus points if you also submit a poem or flash fiction that includes at least 5 words from your category grid.

Entry deadline is June 12.
Prizes to the top scorers or those entries that otherwise "win."