“| a fork in me”

I’ll | to my story, though it |s in my craw.
Judge, I wound up on the wrong side of the |.
I always tried to | to the letter of the law,
but my |-to-it-iveness just didn’t do the trick.

I got stuck in a |y job—carrot and |—
the CEO’s nose always |ing the air.
He said we had to | together, thin or thick—
while he was |ing it up the Boards’ derrieres.

His fudges started |ing out like sore thumbs,
and the Feds began to | their noses in.
He told ‘em were to | it, but those guys ain’t dumb.
They knew business wasn’t straight than a |pin.

I got stuck stacking |ers in a stark stockroom
to keep me from |y questions and news hype.
If I struck the powder, I didn’t mastermind the boom;
and, Your Honor, you can | that in your pipe.

I’m a |-in-the mud accountant. I’m not a crook.
I’m not trying to | it to the man or get rich quick.
| around, and | with me—I’ll open up the books.
If we throw enough mud, some is going to |.


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