small st--whAT?!

This gifpoem takes words from Janice Sandeen,
and the artists noted herein.

This month of small stones, I set out with the intention
of writing one per day, but the flu laid me low around
the 20th, and I fell off the wagon—and onto this idea
of gifpoetry that's completely fascinating to me now.
What possibilities are there? What can one do with this
format? I feel like I'm just beginning to think about it
and find out. In this one, for instance, there are three
(at least) simultaneous poems unfolding between Janice's
text, the words from the language artists, and the
little credit line I put in at the bottom.

I'm taking a Ze Frank approach to this too, which is
not to mull over the creative too much, but to kick
the ideas out into the world even if not fully formed.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been sick Daniel - that sucks - your latest project looks pretty amazing tho'... I've been meaning to ask you about the photo that's the backdrop on this site? Did you take it, and/or do you know where it is? It reminds me of the open-air opera house in Verona in some ways ...

  2. LOVE this... although only about two years after you created it. It's still reading itself into the ethers... love that about such a form like the GIF. Now writing you a longer email. Thank you for this (illusive) collaborative poem!


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