Fairy Panic, illustrated by Lauren Ari

My kid emerges crying from her room.
Figure it’s another grumpy rising.
Muster pre-coffee patience for drama.
Wonder what’s the plot. Favorite socks missing?
Honey spread too thin? No, she’s deep in gloom—

Her tooth—fuck me! Her front tooth was waiting
all night long for a distracted fairy.
No cash, not even a note this morning!
The resident spirits negligently
fell asleep before their task was performed.

She sobs into the shirt she pulls on. We,
meanwhile, hurriedly collect three singles
in a red envelope, calligraphy
sign, hot potato it to the fishbowl.
Lauren cries, “Look! By the fish—there’s something.”

She comes, wipes her eyes, collects her windfall.
“So weird,” she sniffs. “They ignored my pillow.”

By Lauren Ari


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