Musical Pins, illustrated by BIll Griffith! REVISED

Musical Pins

Which silly songs should I sing to my offspring?
Which among the endless favorites do I frame
in fleeting windows of cultural training,
training, bo-baining—banana, fana fame?
The Ministry of Silly Walks. Ning Nang Nong.

Everything on YouTube is, in ways, the same.
Which silly songs will my offspring sing to me?
Will they loop It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time
behind some failed candidate’s concession speech?
I dig it’s a catchy spoof, though I’m aging

with the standards in my organ’s memory.
To share is share enough! We have in common
maps, spots, sing-alongs, phrenological peaks.
The specific GIFs, luckily there, carry
our closeness closer in true and skewed rhymes—so

Sing the Beer Barrel Polka, that peppy air,
or make something up over Scarborough Fair.


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