Adventures in Publication Pt. I


On January 21,
I put my book out into the word.
I pressed the button,
launched the project.

That's how I initially felt the effort.
Hadouken is a kung-fu power move
from the Street Fighter video games.
Ryo seems to gather all his spirit and power
and push it forward from his body
in a wave of blue force that's strong enough to knock someone down.

All the 30 years of writing poems, the decades of submitting poetry, the rejections and acceptances, the ongoing improvement, 20 years of professional copywriting, writing and performing comedy and poetry and music, teaching poetry, everything i know about writing cover letters and resumes, plus all the support and contribution and collaboration of artists, each with their own individual forces of brilliance and creativity, the timing just before Mercury retrograde, all the blessing of friends, of fellow poets, all coming together, all in a great energy ball ---- HADOUKEN!

And I'm also imagining not a blue fireball or white cloud of OOMPH speeding its way into the publishingadventurefightwithpoems, but a giant iridescent blue butterfly leaving my hands as they lift upwards. Not push forward but release with intention. Slow and with blessing of all. And the thing, the project, the poems, the lovely wholeness lifting into a fluttery flight to make the breath catch, the eyes deepen--strong enough to knock someone down. Someone specific. Someone who will know to act.

Hello to the world of pressing, binding, promoting, selling, following up. Hello to the obstacle course of preference, requirement, tradition, things to lose, things to gain. Unpredictable crosscurrents of wind, weather, mood, worldscape, random number generators, kung fu hustles, the twenty-seven senses and the fifty-billion whys.

Fly, book! I'm with you all the way.


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