"Mickey, who was a social worker," with art by Veronica De Jesus

Imagine The Three Stooges’ Larry Fine,
the curly haired one, as a loveable
gentleman with enthusiastic eyes.
Even when I was a kid and babbling,
he’d look at me like the shiniest dime.

I can see the mensch now, unshakeable
in the fertile bedrock of family line—
and his seven kids, equally stable,
so that when I talked, they paid attention;
and when I grew I recognized the signs

of traditional Jewish compassion,
the transplant’s sensed duty to share the bread.
Pre-nuclear family American
head of a larger household, wherein heads
put together put meals on the table—

food for the city, haven for the child.
Whatever I said, Uncle Mickey smiled.

Veronica De Jesus does amazing portraits. If you're in SF, check out Dog Eared Books on Valencia at 20th St.


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