Blog Tourists KANE continue on.

Don't get MAD at the bad puns.

There once was a poet named Mad
whose limericks never were bad
What never? No, never—
but clever—yes, clever!
Go read them. I'm sure you'll be glad.

The limmies (that's the new hip term for "limericks") at her site are quite good. Some will give you the titters.

And now she answers the blog tour questionnaire with panache. I never knew she was an oboist! How cool is that? How cool is the word oboist

Kick yourself over to Mad Kane. And don't miss Linda Goin, too.

And hey, don't forget to read MY post on the blog tour, just below. Why not leave a comment like Mad Kane and PKP?

I am feeling giddy because I'm on vacation for the next month.



  1. Ooooh! Another lovely plug, plus a limerick, to boot! Thanks again, Daniel!


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