Hear, hear! Hereto, hereby, hereupon, herewith hearty har-har hear hear!

Whereof? Hereof!

Zoetic Press said yes. My book's got a poetic address. I'm signing with the Zed imprint of Santa Cruz. Look at Z and me!

A person asked the Dalai Lama what his most cherished moment was. The answer: "this moment."

If I were a millipede, I could count on every limb a task that needs doing, a question that needs and answer, a step to take between this state and the state of published. If I were a millipede, I would walk, rippling, wherever I went. Perhaps I am one.

Fuckin' A! I'm getting big-time published!


  1. I was equally drawn to use obscenities when I heard the Zoetic publishing news, too! So glad you did and publish your hutzpah, too! Hip hip hoorah!


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