Madame Rowley’s Face

First—the claims made
Second—the grounds on which it is recommended
Third—it does not come asunder
Fourth—it has been analyzed by Eminent Scientists
Fifth—its VALUABLE PROPERTIES never become impaired
Sixth— it is recommended by Eminent Physicians and Scientific Men
Seventh—its use cannot be detected
Eighth— it may be desired

Ninth— hundreds of dollars uselessly expended may be saved
Tenth— it is safe, simple, cleanly and never injures
Eleventh— it may be applied WITH EQUALLY GOOD RESULTS
Twelfth—by its use impurities vanish
Thirteenth—it is harmless, costs little and saves money
Fourteenth—ever vouchsafed to womankind, famous ladies use it

from Jones, Edgar R. “1887 Print Advertisement for Madame Rowley’s Toilet Mask or Face Glove.” Those Were the Good Old Days; a Happy Look at American Advertising, 1880-1930. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1959. 41. Print.

I am participating in Poetry Month Scouts, hosted by the Found Poetry Review. So this month: lots of found poems. This one is also posted where you can link to and comment on others of mine throughout April.


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