Zombie Movie Climax, Illustrated by Art Moura - Please vote

The amazing Art Moura submitted a whole graveyard full of zombies in illustration of this poem. Which one or two do you like best?

                                      published in Turbulence Magazine, Issue 8 (2012)

Zombie Movie Climax

This is a zombie movie scenario starring me
as me myself, and also as the zombie who shambles
patiently through the abandoned midnight neighborhood scene:

Hero-me stops running, grabs zombie-me by the lapels,

yells “Wake up! Smell the roses!” Both shaking violently.

Close up on two faces. The living one: “Look at yourself!”

A spark ignites in the zombie’s eyes. “You’re animated!”

The room spirals and goes bright in a frenzy of cellos.

Their clutch breaks. The hero cries, “You don’t have to be so dead!”

The zombie’s mouth closes. Then opens and moans, “Oh. I see.


Animation. It’s all. I have. So. It has. To be. Good.
Enough. For me.” Dawn’s first rosy finger touches the east.

Zomb-me turns to look. On the face of it, life doesn’t hold

much for the vitally challenged. On the other ghastly

hand, what might a cadaver become, exploring the hills,

riding a cargo ship to Chile, learning how to dance,

dining with—who knows who—or what—on tacos de sesos?


  1. Perfect illustration for that poem. And I love that one! I can't wait for the finished product!


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