Hold that time with art by Shraya Rajbhandary

Hold that time

While, the movie’s a slog to me,
if my seven-year-old daughter
were a U.S. year, she would be
1947. Summer.
“Meet me in St. Louis, Louis…”

She is transported on Garland’s
Technicolor eyes to a time
cradled tenderly in the arms
of a later time. They used film
as a salve and an opiate.

Maybe she won’t find out how glum
Judy became. The plot’s struggles,
in retrospect, are quick to dim.
When we watch the “Making of…” reel,
it opens with clips of bombers.

Instead we steer on Google to
The Fair and Liza Minnelli.
Judy Garland by Shraya Rajbhandary


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