What poem today, to life! (18)

Work is light.

Today, I submitted poems to Waterhouse Review and Rio Grande Review.

It occurs to me to say why or how I landed on these among those listed at Duotrope.com. Using Duotrope is a great help, but it also is limiting to those presses that use it, which seems to be a handsome percentage, though clearly not 100%. Waterhouse had a really funny submission page. Not over the top, but just three or four little side-snides that made my chuckle. Rio Grande listed themselves on Duotrope as being interested in poems in invented forms, which is exactly what I do. I also like that they are bilingual. The acceptance ratio listed at Duotrope is 8%, so that feels like a good chance and a challenge at the same time. (You must subscribe to Duotrope to see the percentages.)

Re: Rio Grande, also, the Duran Duran memory is a sweet one.

Over the last week, I submitted 26 poems for consideration. If my average holds that means 1-2 poems printed from this arbitrarily batched batch.

Ongoing: working on Richmond poem. I'm really getting to a place where I like it. Also thinking it would be worth reading and not improv-riffing.

Ongoing: meditating and mulling on my classes at Interplay and The Writer's Forum. As I come and go, walking to my carpool or driving short distances, I run through what I want to say. I'm making notes, jotting, thinking... I am looking forward to these classes and will start announcing, promoting to my circles.


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