Revised: Poetry Review Only Kind-of Sells

Here's something I knew about eBay: ratings are VERY important.
Every registered eBay user has a number associated with their user name,
and that number is associated with a star.
This higher the number, the fancier the star.
This more positive feedback is left for you, the higher your number goes,
and the fancier your star becomes.
The fancy star and the high number—
and the high the percentage next to the legend "Positive feedback,"
the greater the trust from eBay buyers as a class.

What I've learned about today's eBay
is that sellers will spend the time to find penny auctions
and spend the few cents just to exchange positive feedback.
I looked and found several eBay listings for nothing more than positive feedback.
Many start at a penny, but there are people asking 99 cents for the service.

I bid six cents and should know soon if I've won.

There will be no poem coming from the car-parts seller
who purchased my offer to read and give comment.
That is something I would do for free anyway,
which is why I thought to list the service to begin with.

I will try again, starting at $.99.
That means it will still be free for me to list,
but hopefully smart eBay sellers will consider
that price too high for nothing more than a "Like."

Yep. Six Cents. I won.


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