"Ony Ody" Throw Back Thursday circa 1986

[I revised/improved this one somewhat from the 30-year old original]

Ony Ody

Firstly heard the one called Melo
Speaks to Harmo clear as a bell-o:
“Harmo, I need you. You can tell-o.
I’m the tasted without the smell-o.
Yes, the water, but no well-o.
I’m the goods that will not sell-o.
You must talk so I can yell, so
Separate, we are doomed to hello.”

Answering the one called Harmo
Speaks to Melo smooth and warm-o:
“I, the fury, but no storm-o;
Aye, the bones—without the arm-o.
Animals without the farm-o.
Without you I have no form! Oh,
You’re the bees, but I’m the swarm, so
Conjoining states must be our norm, yo.”

Melo sings sharp and Harmo hums hollow.
Melo speaks bright and Harmo thrums mellow.
Harmo flows blue while Melo shows yellow.
Melo’s the peaches in Harmo’s Jello.
Melo is famed more than Mel’s fellow.
But Harmo leads for Melo to follow.


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