Throw Back Thursday - Sonnet circa 1986

I am pitching Mortified, a live show where, if I am accepted and choose to go forward with this, I will be reading pages from my late high school diary that clearly illustrate my sexual confusion and why I was such a late bloomer.

It was interesting to have this reflected back to me by Kevin, one of the event organizers, based on my first submission: "I'm especially intrigued by the idea of fancy poetry about adolescent sexual frustration, though I have to say the samples you've attached seem almost too sophisticated to be mortifying."

I had been embarrassed by my old writings, but now I see there is some sophistication there. Take this sample sonnet where I am rigid in my iambic pentameter. I think this one isn't bad:


From what you’ve seen of me, I am a fool
Today back to the time you saw me first.
Before your eyes, I’ve stumbled from the rule.
Yet I do swear you’ve only seen my worst

The words I speak to you come from an ass
For accidental insults flow from me
Because I stand before a goddess-lass
My mind and lips slip when I talk to thee.

But you must know—I am much more than that.
The side you’ve seen is only seen by few
And I must have you realize that fact
Because I hold such deep respect for you.

Bestow your grace on me with smile kind
So I may see the softness in your mind.


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