What Poem Today? #1

Thought I'd try an experiment. For my own edification and curiosity, now that I've posted mostly every poem in One Way to Ask.

The experiment: to post everyday or nearly so what I've done that day re: poetry.

Today: Found a paying poetry market to submit to:

32Poems Magazine
Valparaiso University
1320 Chapel Drive South
Valparaiso, IN 46383
 It costs $3 to submit work online, but free to do it by post.

I started my submission packet with 4 poems from One Way To Ask - made a few fine tunes alone the way to the four poems I'm sending.

Plus went through the poems I wrote in the Poem a Day challenge to pick out some of the better ones to start wrapping into submission packets.

Typed up the poem "∆" I drafted last night in the sauna for Like/Share II, a show in Oakland Ann Trinca invited me to participate in. Writing poems inspired by photos...

Started a draft for another image for that project.

Email Alison Luterman with some ideas for memorizing poetry, specifically, make a recording and listen to yourself until you can sing along. Very happy to be a colleague of Alison.

Work-work a bit light today as the afternoon wanes; thus, not bad for an arbitrary Day 1.

Also received feedback on One Way to Ask from my father's friends, a professor, who calls me an "Ari" - Lion in Hebrew. He has very nice things to say about my manuscript. Most flattering that he says he reread and revisited several poems. Compares me to John Berryman - That makes me smile. And the poems he didn't like as much, he compared to Ginsberg and the beats - which also makes me smile.


Came home to find $10 from NonBinary for my poem "Meeting the Doctor," that they are reprinting in their issue revolving around Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Making it rain!

Also inspired by seeing 36 Stories by Sam Shepard performed by Word for Word at Z Space. See it!


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