What Poem Today #2

On BART, struggled to draft another poem for Like/Share II, a photography-inspiring-poetry art show and event I was invited to participate in by curator Ann Trinca. The event "happens" in June with readings/showings. (Will need to ping my list.) Walked up to Coit Tower after lunch and finished first draft of what's now called "Love poem or apology."
Submitted five poems (four from the book) to 32 poems. According to Duotrope, chances of acceptance are under 1%. So it's really going to boost my average when I get in :D

Submitted three poems to Ancient Paths, though I'm unsure about the fit of my gnostic, deistic, Jewish poems with this "Christian" journal. On the other hand, if this is Christian the way my friend and poet/photographer Ed Aust is, the fit could be perfect.

Submitted four poems to Zyzzyva, a local mag. About 2% acceptance. West Coast focus. Hand delivered it, because why not? I hand delivered a submission last year when they were up on Sutter, but now they've moved one block from my office, in one of the coolest buildings around here, the Mechanics' Institute Library, which is actually a library and has a chess room on the 5th floor. Very cool, old architecture with high halls and one of these:

In process of readying the poems for submission today, I made small improvements to about 6 poems in the manuscript. Also started to wonder about 10 or so poems that just don't feel like they want to be submitted. Do they belong in the book? Are they ready? Can they be improved--because at one point I felt they were worth including... Opening the question...

Arranged to take off or work from home on my daughter's second-to-last day of school, so I could attend the poetry slam her teacher is organizing for the kids. Mirabai's been writing some pretty good poems for her age. Her vocabulary is wide and she uses it.

Yesterday, I forgot to mention my post on IMUNURI. The poem "Δ" goes with an image from Like/Share II and is based on a ride I shared with Jillian Banks-Kong when we used to carpool. (I also left a comment or two on IMUNURI for other poets yesterday.)

I am curious to see what poeming I actually do over the long Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully a few drafts at least, and maybe some prep work for the week ahead. Big event coming May 28.

Eek! We should jam on Sunday. I'll send the email now!

Did that. So maybe Sunday will be a jam. Work's light as Memorial Day Weekend kicks off. I'm making hay while the sun shines.


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