What Poem Today episode 4

Brought malted milk balls to writing jam, arriving home from the grocery trip just in time, though a few minutes late picking up Natasha Dennerstein from BART. Judith Scherr and Alan Phillips arrive for writing jam.

We free write. We write bref double. We write Natasha's (Jungian) free association strings, then use that material to craft short poems or proses.

I get some material to compost and quite enjoy myself. Natasha, Judith and Alan get good material out of the session. I enter my bref double in the bref double poetic forms challenge at Poetic Asides. Because why not? I will take Natasha's comments from jam to heart and choose to believe the poem has the right balance of subtle and overt. Except who but my Bay Area compatriots will understand the reference to the bakery Ariz Mendi? (luckily "the bakery" fits both the rhyme and syllable needs).

"Long weekend to myself"

I'm framing my apology
for not checking every checkbox
on the list she left when she left
the home she makes for her weekend.

I'm freed in this fatality.
With 48 hours to go
I could surely finish it all.
This way, I don't have to pretend

to want to move the garden rocks
and transplant the wandering jew.
I'll invent my apology,
buy some treats from Ariz Mendi

and keep honey in the honey-
do while I match up her clean socks.

Also started thinking a lot about my upcoming class on July 17, and practicing my talk while driving around...


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