What poem today, installment the sixth

Submitted the poem from yesterday to Poetry. Ballsy, but why not? I'm pleased with it; though I also get frustrated and flustered with the gray area about what publication means to different venues. Poetry seems to feel that a poem appearing anywhere anyhow online or in print means they can't use it. So I deleted it from yesterday's post and changed the privacy settings on the post I put on Facebook to "only friends." It was the comments of friends on FB that made me feel that the poem was worth a try with Poetry Magazine. Anyway, fingers crossed...

Conversed via Facebook with Laurie Kolp about her new book Upon the Blue Couch by Winter Goose Press, Sacramento. Read the first section of the book on the way in to work, so was fired up to talk with her about it. The press looks like it could be a good choice for me--nearby, open to submissions, approachable, and sounds like they are easy to work with.

Made some small edits to "Plum Season," from yesterday, and practiced reciting to help cement it in memory. I think I will present it as one of my samples tomorrow when I have my interview.

Submitted a poem about Lady Gaga to Slurve because it seemed a good fit.

Also, my Reject a Hit column came out in Writer's Digest July "Creativity" issue. I just got it in the mail today!


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