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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Poem Today numero siete

Started reading Alison Luterman's new manuscript. It's amazing as always. Her poetry seems easier to enter than mine. It embraces like a warm kitchen. Maybe my poetry, in general, is more like a gallery in a modern art museum: you have to go in with your own curiosity, and it's up to you to engage your attention and depth of vision. Hmm.

Big news is I interviewed for the position of Richmond Poet Laureate. I think I have a good shot at it based on my energy and ideas and on my reading. The committee said they were impressed with all the candidates so far, and I was certainly glad to meet another candidate for it: Lincoln Bergman, a politically active, KPFA, organizer gentleman with rhythmic, rhyming materials about history and current events. He read a good poem draft about Maya Angelou, who passed away today.

Talk of making the post a multi-person post, which would be nice. I'm thinking a youth laureate would be a good idea separate from the adult laureate. The office should be a team of poets. In Richmond, with its multiplicity of population, that would be ideal. I feel I'll add Richmond poetry advocacy to what I do regardless of whether or not I'm named laureate. I think the energy is building in Richmond for this.

Prepped some work to submit on Monday or Tuesday next week.

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