Play Categories for prizes! Game ON: Round 3

Beezo says, "Relax!"
De Jackson, RJ Clarken and Phil Fleischmann all took prizes in rannygazoo round #2. The gem that really stuck with me was RJ's R-entry for "obscure words." Spending the weekend in Vegas with friends from college, I had many opportunities to use the word rannygazoo, though nobody knew what I was talking about.
If you'd like to join me in reviving the old rannygazoo, it means about the same as shenanigans.  

What? You want another round? Of course you do! I do, too!
(Here's how to play).

For round three the categories are:
1. Someone you would like to hug
2. Objects smaller than a kernel of corn
3. Synonyms for "sexy"
4. A complete sentence beginning with the cue letter wherein that letter is used more often than any other single letter.

The 4-letter word: MELD

Points will be awarded capriciously and arbitrarily based on (or in spite of) these rules:

1 point per cell filled
+ 1/2 point for multi-word answers in which each word starts with the cue letter (e.g., for actors starting with C, Chevy Chase would score a bonus 1/2 point).
+ 1 point for each hug actually delivered to your answers for category 1 (Max bonus = 4 points. Please declare your hugs. Honor system observed.)
+ 2 points for the smallest object named for each letter across all entries, if possible to determine.
+ 2 for the sentence with the most occurrences of the cue letter, for each letter, across all entries.
+ 1-5 bonus points for LOLs
+ 10 bonus points if you also submit a poem or flash fiction that includes at least 5 words from your category grid.

Entry deadline is June 12.
Prizes to the top scorers or those entries that otherwise "win."


  1. Holy guacamole! Apparently, poems are not the only thing you fight with, Daniel. You also beat up on Categories. Back later, maybe, with my entry. :-]

  2. My muse - Mini m&m's - Made ya look! - Mnemonic memories make me remember more.
    Even the skinny bitches - ernal of corn - erotica - Elephant earwax seeps everywhere else.
    Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs - little buckyballs - lacy lingerie - Lollapalooza lineup allows the Killers.
    Duggers, all 19 & counting - deadly diseases - devilish Duckmandu - Dangerous dark debonair dude deliberately deceived dainty demure dateless dame.

    Poem: (Published in my book: Magnetic Repulsion)

    Dating Dilemma










    1. Yay Patricia!

      LOLs at "ernel of corn," which is such a wonderful meta-funny way to fulfill the requirement for something smaller than a kernel of corn. +4 right there.

      Also chuckled at "Made ya look!" as a synonym for "Sexy." +1.

      Agree with Flatt & Skruggs, though it would be hard to hug them as both are deceased.

      Duckmandu: Not really sexy, though I seriously appreciate his music. He's known for covering Dead Kennedy's songs on the accordion. Check it out:

      Love the poem in its strict form.

      Plus 2 points for multi-word entries gives you 33 total points plus a buckyball!

  3. I'm a poetry noob, but I write best when I should be grading papers, so here goes:

    curvaceous couscous cavort,
    carving curling congas crossing my china.
    a climax of carbohydrates careering in clever cavitations
    a cosmos of cyrnels

    1. :)
      I think you missed the whole categories directions thing... But thanks for the C poem!
      10 points!

  4. Mom - Muon - Masculine - Mimes might make me malicious.
    Everyone else - Electron - Enticing - Eight elongated elephants elevated on an escalator eat Easter eggs to excess.
    Linda Lovelace - Lepton - Lusty - Lots of luck levels the losses of a lonely loser in Las Vegas.
    Dad - Down quark - Delectable derrière - Don’t double dog dare a deranged drunk dude to duel to the death.

    A lusty young loser named Yuan
    Had a penis the size of a muon.
    His mom and his dad
    Thought it best if he’d had
    An enticing, more masculine new one.

    Seven words used!

    1. Wow, Phil. A very respectable grid, as I would expect.
      You swept the smallest particles category from a literal standpoint. Since "electron" is shared with whimsygismo, you get +7 points for this feat, and I'll thrown in 3 more for the sweep.

      Linda Lovelace is deceased, so no huggies there. ;)

      Your poem = +10 points, but here's the thing, and this is important: you MUST start submitting entries to the Limerick of the Week contest at Madeline Kane's Humor Blog:

      You just gotta!

      36.5 points total!

      PS: Please message me with your address.

  5. M - Mother Theresa (or My husband!), Mites, Mah-velous! and: Magnanimous mummies make mommy mumble.

    E - Clint Eastwood (or Albert Einstein), Eensy weensy spider, Enticing! and: Elementary evidence is eminently evasive.

    L - (Queen) Latifah, louse, Luscious! and:
    Level lally columns are lovely.

    D - Johhny Depp (or Dustin Hoffman), dill seeds, Delightfully deliciously delectable! and:
    Drunken doddering dandies don’t delight Daddy.

    1. Another gladiatorial entry, Pamela.
      I love how your Sexy synonyms all have exclamation points.
      +1 LOL for Mah-velous!
      +1 LOL for Eensy weensy spider
      +1 LOL for your M sentence
      With your multi-word entry at D-Sexy your total points come to
      20.5 plus a dill seed.

  6. Alright - one at a time, one more time:

    1 -
    “Moon, Eune, Loon, Dune,”
    I think, as I hug my Boo.
    Morn, eve, lunar dawn,
    That’s when I think on you, too.

    Myriad euphuisms, in langorous doldrums,
    Maudlin eccentrics loftily dispatch.
    Meanwhile, each laborer dumb
    Mutters ever: “Loosen the dredge!”

    2 -
    Minty Mentos,
    Entomological eggs,
    Lilliputian lips, and
    Diaphanous dust.
    3 -
    Marilyn Monroe, the
    Ecdysiastically edgy,
    Lusciously lascivious
    Darling damsel.

    4 -
    Mammy mine, may moonbeams shine midst many a mummy’s musty mind; I make a mess of me.
    Egad, you ever-even evening eagle, we etch our effects on each other to ethereal eternities.
    Lilies from “Lala-land” lean low, as lavender laurels lick lake-locked limber little lambs lovely legs.
    Didactic, droll, daft druids dole their dozen doses of demeaning debauchery on a drunk Bo Diddley.

    1. Hey, Gerald!
      I don't see your grid as such, but I'm blown away by the all-poetry entry.
      The first quatrain is heart-melting to me and perfectly constructed with the M-E-L-D lines.
      Also liked the second quatrain though your meaning gets more Lewis Carrollean to me.

      Your #2 poem of tiny objects earns an extra 2 points for the double-word entries and a +1 giggle for Lilliputian lips. I love imagining the Lilliputs kissing.

      #3 also very wonderful with a +2 for all the double words.

      And WOW on #4, especially "Mammy mine, may moonbeams shine midst many a mummy's musty mind" That's a real gem of a line. Love all the internal rhyming; and your sense of meter even without your concentrating on it, has made music of this assignment.

      98 points capriciously awarded herewith, and your prize is in the mail, dad.

  7. goes:

    For 'M': My man/My mom/My mini-monsters (my 12 year old kidlets)/My ‘Mups’ (my Cairn terrier who passed away in April.) ...

    Miniscule Medicinal Molecules ...

    Maenad*, Matutolagnia* ...

    My meniscus tear mended in maybe two or three months, with mobility remaining at a minimum from March through May.

    For 'E': Everyone who was ever kind and good to me. ...

    The endothelium and the epithelium of one's eye (corneal layers)...

    Ecdysiast*/Ensorcel*/Erastophilia*/Erotomania*/Espièglerie*/Evancalous*/Exosculate* ...

    Even if one eats one’s vegetables, one still needs other healthy fare, because everyone requires excellent sources of hale and hearty food for digestion, excretory matters and metabolism. ...

    For 'L': L’il sisters (I have two of ‘em) ...

    Lilliputian Lentils ...

    Lickerish*/Lubricious*/*Lupercalian* ...

    Licorice looks like laces, lending credibility to long-held (but lukewarm) leptologies*, linking them to little, low-healed shoes. ...

    For 'D': Duran Duran (in particular. Simon LeBon, but any of them would do!) :D ...

    Diminutive Dippin’ Dots ...

    Dowsabel*/Doxy* ...

    Dang it, but I adore a dog who delights in dashing around through the day, but does ‘down’ and is deeply asleep after dusk.

    Now for the definition phase of the game (thanks to Worthless Word for the Day):

    Maenad - a woman participant in orgiastic Dionysian rites; matutolagnia - antemeridian sexual desire;

    Ecdysiast - one who performs a striptease (coined by H. L. Mencken in 1940, see following); Ensorcel - to bewitch; erastophilia - the obsession to meddle in and gossip about the sexual lives of others; erotomania - an unusually strong sexual desire; espièglerie - [F. fr. espiègle] /es pyeg luh REE/ the quality or state of being roguish or frolicsome; evancalous - pleasant to embrace; exosculate - [fr, L. exosculari] obs. to kiss heartily

    Lickerish - greedy, desirous; lecherous; lubricious - 1) slippery, 2) lecherous; salacious; lupercalian - [fr. L. Lupercus, god of flocks] related to or characteristic of an ancient Roman festival (Lupercalia) celebrated February 15 to ensure fertility for the people, fields, and flocks;

    dowsabel - [fr. the female name Dulcibella] obs. sweetheart (perhaps first used in some pastoral song, whence applied generically to a sweetheart); doxy - a woman of loose morals: prostitute; mistress

    Leptology - a minute and tedious discourse on trivial matters

    And finally, for the poem section, which in this case, is the ubiquitous Triolet.

    *Lupercalian Licorice Love*

    My dowsabel Dulcibella ~
    You make me feel all lickerish!
    Ensorcel! I am your fella,
    my dowsabel Dulcibella.
    Let’s do it ‘neath an umbrella
    (my antemeridian wish.)
    My dowsabel Dulcibella ~
    You make me feel all lickerish!


    Thanks, Daniel! This was such fun!

    1. TL;DR
      Just kidding!

      I'll jump to the end first--love your triolet! +10 and a bonus 4 for good measure. Here's another poem I want to hear set to music.

      I can't keep track of how many double-word answers you gave, counted by halves, with triples thrown in, so let's call it +4.75 points there.

      I liked your E sentence, RJ. It caught the spirit of the category, which wasn't necessarily about words STARTING with the cue letter, but just maximizing the use of the letter within the sentence. To be honest, I didn't count up, but eyeballing it suggests your es out number every other letter.+1

      If I see Simon LeBon, I'll tell him you're looking for him.

      Total score: 35.75 and a diminutive dippin' dot.

  8. My marvelous, multi-talented Mama. (hugs delivered)
    Microscopic, maleficent mite
    My magma-hot masculine Man
    Mom murmured, “Mamas might meet minimum ultimatums if mini mammals minimally maimed commandments, and momentarily remained mum.”

    Efficient, energetic Emily (our excellent pup sitter-hug delivered Thursday)
    Elemental Electron
    Enticingly, erotically exciting
    “Eeeeeeek,” Esther weeps, tears her sleeveless sweater and ekes out her elegant elegy.

    Little Lily (a girl in my 3-year-old class at church – hug to be delivered Saturday evening)
    Linen Lint
    Lustfully luscious
    Lily Lillings lilted longingly, LOL’d loudly and licked her limitless lemon-lime lolly.

    Dapper dedicated Daddy (hugs delivered)
    Doberman doggie dander
    Deeply desirable
    De doodled daisy doodads and doddered dawdled dreams, but doesn’t do didactic diatribes, dude.

    Desirable Dander

    Elegant elegy
    like linen lint
    doodled daisy
               dawdled dreams
    murmured microscopic

    Such fun!

    1. Ha. I had a cutty-pasty accident. Poem should read:

      Desirable Dander

      Elegant elegy
      like linen lint
      doodled daisy
                  dawdled dreams
      murmured microscopic mite

    2. De! +4 for actually delivering all the hugs and +1 for sweeping the category and +1 for being the only contestant to do so. Hugs transcend the game and are important for the world!

      I love how you describe hubby as "magma-hot" +1
      Clever use of exclamation in your E-sentence +1
      LOL at "Doberman Doggie Dander" +1
      Love you D-sentence, De +1

      You totally maxed out multi-word answers, too. Let's see... that's 6 carry the 9 divided by 3/4... Call it +9 3/8

      Love the scale of the poem :)

      Total score including dander = 35 3/8

  9. Ooohhh! You gals DO know how to raise the bar! :-))

  10. Ooohhh! You gals DO know how to raise the bar! :-))

  11. Oh for crying out loud! I'm repeating myself again! :-|

  12. m ~ most mindful men -- moist mung bean -- mucho macho mojo & the sentence:
    " “Monday madness,” she moaned, contemplating how many more commandments she may have mercilessly mangled this time around."

    e ~ especially exceptional elephant -- elephant hand carved in bone (placed inside a red seed pod with bone lid from India) -- extra explicitly excited & the sentence:

    "Elephant, elegant elephant under the leeward beechwood tree, err I spell thine eloquent name incorrectly, merely to be the winner of Categories today, would thou keep remembering thee (like they say ‘an elephant never forgets’) while holding it against thee eleven times eleven or even more."

    l ~ lovely loquacious Lauren, Laird lentil, lusciously long-haired libertine & the sentence:

    "Little lambs lay sleeping a long, long way down the lane from where the lorries loudly lope along the boulevard."

    d ~ dastardly dapper Daniel, diminutive diamond, deliciously dripping dream & the sentence:

    "Dedicated and distinguished fiddle players make delicious, deliberate, down-home debut riddles on the dizzy dance floor."

    1. Diminutive Dream

      Diminutive elephant she
      Explicitly dapper he
      Loquacious, macho, and moist
      Diamond did he foist
      Hoping she would say "Oui."

    2. Oh my poem, just a few seconds too late :-( for the date!

    3. Janice - in under the wire, graceful as Indiana Jones snatching his hat just before the stone slab falls.

      Also your E-sentence, so elephantine and Shakespearean and trippy.
      Your L-sentence, too, moved me. It feels ready to sing or to launch a child's book.
      Your sentences make me say MMM, +3 across the lot

      You poem made me grin: +1 in addition to the bonus 10

      Assuming you will make good on the hugs to Lauren and I, I'll give you a conditional +2 for those answers.

      +8 1/3 for multi-word answers including many triplets.

      Total points 40 1/3!
      You'll receive your prize in person when the hugs are delivered ;)

    4. Two winners:
      Gerald and Janice Sandeen

      Hey yall, want another round?
      Please comment and let me know!

    5. Ahuhn! Yes, please, since I missed Round Two...

    6. Absolutely! These are so much fun! :)

      de jackson

  13. Congrats, winners! I guess I'll be eating some of that humble pie. :( Cyber hugs to all participants.

  14. Thanks, DA! This is a really fun game! ☼

  15. I'm also very humbled still being cited as a winner next to Gerald's high, high score! Congrats Gerald. I find everyone's entries so inspiring. Thanks everyone and Daniel.

    I had fun with it, even with all the tension of needing to get there right under the wire! :-) Thanks for seeing me, Daniel, in that epic way ~ like Indiana Jones! Ha!

    1. Again, points are somewhat if not entirely capricious. Just call me Leonardo DeCapricio. Just playing is the real point.


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