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I got time! A gospel call and response

I got time A gospel call and response [A lead singer leads the song and the chorus responds with echo or exclamation. After the third verse, different singers improvise the lead vocal, and when everybody has had a turn and the assembly is satisfied, the first two verses are repeated with a long ritardando at the end. Chords are major I-IV-V-ii in familiar gospel style, played by everybody who has an instrument. Dancing is encouraged.] Oh, I got time.   (I got the time.) Yes, I got time. (I got the time.) Now, I got time (I got the time.) To do what I love, (Do what you love!) Do what I want, (What you want!) Do what I need. (What you need!) Yes, I got time. (I got the time.) I got time. (Hallelu!) There was a time (Once was a time) I didn’t see (Lord have mercy!) That I had time (Yes, yes!) Thought time had me . (Mm-mm!) But gradually (Praise the Lord!) I found I’m free, (Hallelujah!) And I got time. (I got t

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Play Categories for prizes! Game ON: Round 3

Beezo says, "Relax!" De Jackson, RJ Clarken and Phil Fleischmann all took prizes in rannygazoo round #2. The gem that really stuck with me was RJ's R-entry for "obscure words." Spending the weekend in Vegas with friends from college, I had many opportunities to use the word rannygazoo , though nobody knew what I was talking about.   If you'd like to join me in reviving the old rannygazoo , it means about the same as shenanigans .   What? You want another round? Of course you do! I do, too! ROUND THREE! (Here's how to play ). For round three the categories are: 1. Someone you would like to hug 2. Objects smaller than a kernel of corn 3. Synonyms for "sexy" 4. A complete sentence beginning with the cue letter wherein that letter is used more often than any other single letter. The 4-letter word: MELD Points will be awarded capriciously and arbitrarily based on (or in spite of) these rules: 1 point per cell fille