Daniel Ari's Résumé

Daniel Ari
661 – 33rd Street, Richmond, CA 94804

Widely published poet and writer, performer, copywriter, and teacher.
Current poet laureate of Richmond, California.


Books and chapbooks

One Way to Ask: original poems with art by 67 artists, Norfolk Press, 2016.
Winner of the 2017 Eric Hoffner da Vinci Eye Award

Finalist in the 2016 Lascaux Prize in Collected Poetry
Release events held at Norfolk Press, InterPlayce, Richmond Progressive Alliance
The 2017 Richmond Anthology of Poetry: 62 Voices from California’s City of Pride and Purpose, creator, editor and contributor, Norfolk Press, 2016.
Release events held at Kaleidoscope Coffee, Richmond Progressive Alliance, Richmond Public Library

Agreement Press, founded 1998, is the publishing venture of Daniel and Lauren Ari.
The press has produced these books of poetry and art:
IMUNURI, anthology of 6 poets, 2012. Readings in Portland, Oakland, Richmond, CA.
Monster Poems, 2012. Readings in Berkeley, San Francisco.
Junk Drawer, 2011. Release and reading in Berkeley.
Dandelions, 2005. Readings in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Oakland, San Francisco.
Ari wedding keepsake, 2000.
Bass Line Dada Version Book, 1999.  Performances in Oakland, San Francisco.
We Agree, 1998. Performances in San Francisco.

Prior to 1998, I self-published these chapbooks:
Positive Space, 1996. Performance in San Francisco.
Buildings with Voices, 1995. Performance in  San Francisco.
The Michele Sequence, 1995.
You Breathe As Daniel Gushes, 1995.
Deal, 1994.

The Continuous Lover is my MFA manuscript published by Arizona State University Press in 1992.

Poetry Publications and Awards 

Dual Coast Magazine, "I want more of you," July 2018
Poetry Pacific, "We are just passing through," forthcoming November 2018
The CDC Poetry Project, "Like trying to keep a river in a birdcage," online, forthcoming 2018
Able Muse Press, 2017 Book Contest finalist, The Trip & The Very Sadness.
Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest Honorable Mention: "Maybe Blame the Party-Planning Industry," August 2017.
Bay Area Generations #48, "If I can hear you chewing, I have fantasized about your death," August 2017
Bay Area Generations #46, "When I had to explain non-binary to a beginner," June 2017
NonBinary Review: "Mortuary worked accidentally cremated while napping" Snopes Issue 13, June 2017.  
Writer's Digest Poetry Form Contest: Diminishing Verse, runner up, "Too much fun," May 2017.
2017 Eric Hoffner da Vinci Eye Award for excellence in book design, One Way to Ask, May 2017
Bay Area Generations #44, "Fairy poems," "Our fertile version of the truth," April 2017
Bay Area Generations #42, "from The Trip (Days 7-11)" February 2017
Dearly Beloved, Zoetic Press, "Without you," January 2017
Really System, "Fremont Street Deterrent,"  First Block of Sutter,"  "On Market (Second Thoughts on Saturday),"  Drumm Street,  November 2016
Writer'sDigest Poetry Form Contest: Decima, runner up, "Globe of Matter," October 29, 2015.
Writer's Digest / Poetic Asides 2015 April Poem-a-Day Challenge Top selections: “Up to the minute weather, many months later.”
NonBinary Review: "Class ActionSuit: Women v. Shahryar," 1001 Arabian Nights Issue 6, 2015. 
Dancing Poetry Festival, Grand Prize Winner: “Hellzapoppin,’” choreography based on poetry with performance at San Francisco Palace of the Legion of Honor, September 19, 2015.
Mythmaking, selections from the first year of Nonbinary Review, anthology: “Meeting the Doctor,” 2015.
Quatrain Fish: “My life in brief,” “As a motormouth,” “Floaties,” “New baby!” 2015.
*82 Review: “Lithuanian Proverb,” Issue 3.2, June 8, 2015.
Found Poetry Review, Poetry Month Laureate Scout, April 2015.
Thema: “Feedback on 4.5,” We Thought He’d Never Leave issue, Autumn, 2015.
Rio Grande Review: “We Agree,” “Fortune’s Castle,” Spring 2015.
The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles, “Reasonable Doubt v. Abiding Conviction,” “In America’s Court,” Issue 9, June 2015.
Edwin E. Smith Quarterly Review, Featured Poet: “No one moves,” “Vision quest vision,” “The Rabbi's daughter,” “The inches between,” “House guest,” “Evening etude,” “Baba, an American woman.” Summer 2014.
Writer's Digest Poetry Form Contest: Madrigal, runner up, "Midsummer Night," September 30, 2014.
NonBinary Review: "Meeting the Doctor," Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Issue 2, November 2014.
Writer's Digest Poetry Form Contest: Sijo, runner up, "(He dressed up for the party)," March 2014.
Gold Dust Magazine: "Fairy Panic" with art by Lauren Ari, Issue 24, Winter 2013.
Poet's Market, "The Artists' Honeymoon," 2014. 
Writer's Digest / Poetic Asides 2014 April Poem-a-Day Challenge Top selections: “In-law Uncle Mark."
Shufpoetry: "300," "citystare," Issue 2, Spring, 2014.
carte blanche: "Ways to this man's heart," Issue 19, November 2013.
Tales of the Undead — Suffer Eternal (anthology): "Meeting the Doctor," "Queron 18," "Pack Politics," and "The Pale Man," Volume 3, October 2013.
Ugly Babies (anthology): "Warts and all," "Unearthly whiz," Volume 2, October 2013.
Wisdom Crieth Without: "After the party," July 2013.
Writer's Digest Poetry Form Contest: Pantoum, runner up, "Celebrities as deities," March 2013.
Writer's Digest / Poetic Asides 2012 April Poem-a-Day Challenge Top 25: "Let's drive
   until our asses melt into the car seats," 2012.
Poetic Bloomings—First Blooms (anthology): "'When I pray for you, I pray for myself,'" December 2012. 
  "Spinal Adjustment," Issue 1, September 2012.
In our books: "this glamorous profession" with interview, October 2012. 
Shufpoetry:  "andandandand," "Loper v riva," "Texture and discovery," Issue 1, September 2012.
Beyond the Dark Room (anthology): "Accept except," "His awful frustration," "Homecoming," August 2012.
Defenestration: "Fascinations," August 2012.
Turbulence Magazine: "Zombie Movie Climax," Fall 2012 issue.
42 Magazine: "Lemonovember," Issue 3, Fall 2012.
Wild Age Press Anything Goes Poetry Contest: "Serious ink,""Now you know," "A vision during a vision quest," "Tale of two oh ten," July 2012.
Mad Kane's Humor Blog: Limerick of the Week, three times, 2012.
Writer's Digest Poetry Form Contest: Luc-Bat, runner up, "The empty house," June 2012.
Writer's Digest Poetry Form Contest: Quatern, runner up, "Another round with dad," March 2012.
A Drift of Bubbles Dominotion contest winner: "Hellzapoppin'," January 2012.
Prompted: An International Collection of Poems (anthology): "relationship meditation," "Ars Poetica," "Breadline reactionaries," December 2011.
Writer's Digest: "Wool Coat with Briers," 1st place in Writer's Digest Poetry Form Contest: The Bop, October 2011.
Writer's Digest Poetry Form Contest: Sevenling, runner up, "Sevenling (everyone sighs)," January 2011.
Writer's Digest Poetry Form Contest: Rondeau, runner up, "Play," December 2010.
Writer's Digest Poetry Form Contest: Cascade, runner up, "Surprise," November 2010.
Writer's Digest Poetry Form Contest: Ghazal, runner up, "The Throes," June 2010.
Pearl Necklace: "The poem I found outside," "Where we go," "World lines," "Leaving Babylon," Issue 5, April 2006. 
Tattoo Highway, "911," 2001. Illustrated by Lauren Ari.
Pearl: "Honesty Rain," 1998. Illustrated by Lauren Ari.
Contact Quarterly: "Shared Poem about Sex," Winter/Spring 1996.
Pearl: "Michele," "Michele," and "Michele," 1995.
The Writing Self: "Compound Revelations I," 1995.
The Joy of the Journey (anthology), "Collector of Collections," 1995.
The Amethyst Review, "Learn That Poy-m!" 1995.
Silent But Deadly, "An Ocean Poem, A Mother Poem, and Another Poem," 1995.
SPSM&H, "A Stage-Goose," 1994.
Liberty Hill Review, "September, 1994," 1994.
Pearl, "Synonyms," 1993.
Poems in Slur, Kaspahraster, The Angle and other small press pubs, 1989-1994.
Spontaneous Overflow, "The other January of 1989," 1989.

Prose Publications
2018 Poet's Market, "Poetry on Stage: Practical Advice for Live Performance” (reprint)
2017 Poet's Market, "The Whys and Ways of Rhyme,”
The Write Spot, "Sense and Specificity: The Soul of Great Writing," August 2015.
Poetic Asides (Guest Post): "How to Make Your Poems Stand Out: Advice from a Reader," July 30, 2015.
2016 Poet's Market, "Poetry on Stage: Practical Advice for Live Performance.”
2015 Poet's Market, "7 Somersaults for Polishing Your Poetry."
Writer's Digest, "Reject a hit: Tulips and Chimneys by E. E. Cummings," July 2014.
The Write Spot, "The Miracle of Language: Reminders from 50,000 Feet," July 2014.
Conscious Dancer Magazine: "Turning the Tables," Issue 20, Fall 2012.
Kerosene: "Consider the Trek," August 2012.
Pif Magazine: "by dadada," July 2012.
Ceramics Now Magazine:  "13 Ways of Looking at 'Natural Great Piece’: Meditations on a performance in clay by Cybele Rowe and Lauren Ari," June 2012.
Conscious Dancer Magazine: "Moving in a Blur," Issue 17, Winter 2011.
Conscious Dancer Magazine: "Dance of Words," Issue 16, Fall 2011.
Poetic Asides (Guest Post): "Howto Cook up a Poetry Jam," May 2011.
Richmond Art Center: Vision Statement, May 2011.
Jack Magazine: "Off the Grid: New Takes on a Favorite Family Game," Vol 3, No. 2, 2008.
Admap: “BrandActional Advertising: Building Brand by Driving Sales” (ghostwritten), March 2006.
GoodenWorsted’s Video Ventures, video reviews. BigEmpire.com, 1999-2004.
Dance Magazine: “Dancing Las Vegas,” March 2003.

Performance Highlights
Bay Area Generations, Oakland, February, April, June, July, August and September, 2017.
Octopus Literary Salon: "Melancholy Cola," September 2016.
Oakland Rotary Club: “Cummings and Goings: Super States of Language,” Oakland, August 4, 2016.
One Way to Ask book performance at Interplayce, Oakland, May 14, 2016
One Way to Ask book reading at the Richmond Progressive Alliance, April 13, 2016
One Way to Ask book release and reading at Norfolk Press, San Francisco, March 15, 2016
The Moth: StorySLAMS, ongoing, and San Francisco GrandSLAM, October 27, 2015.
WingIt Interplay improvisational movement and storytelling, Oakland and elsewhere, 2011-present.
IMUNURI, interactive poetry happenings, Richmond and Portland, November, 2011–August, 2012.
Monday Night Marsh, performer, Berkeley and San Francisco, 2010-present.
Tell it On Tuesday, performer, Berkeley and San Francisco, 2009-present.
Fights With Poems, Theatrical presentations of favorite poems, Berkeley, San Francisco and elsewhere, 2009-present.

Music and Lyrics
The Mockingbirds, Lacuna: lyrics on "Between the Sea and the Sky," "Wanting, "Surprise (You're Gonna Smile),"
   June 2012.
Bass Line Dada, Brainstorm: lyrics, vocals, accordion, etc. September, 2006.
Daniel Ari and Bass Line Dada, Unmastered: lyrics, vocals, accordion, etc. 2005.
Bass Line Dada, "Grammarians 'R' Pissed!" CD single (BMI), 2002.
Bass Line Dada, Shoulder of a Hungry Man: lyrics, vocals, accordion, etc. 2000.
"Bye Bye Songs" at a show with Ze Frank (diaries, self soothing)

2016 Poetry Consultant, offering one-on-one feedback and guidance
2010–present  Facilitator, creative writing group, Richmond, CA (contact for info)
2015 guest lecturer at Santa Ana City College
2015 presenter at Writer’s Forum, Petaluma, sparking creativity
2014 presenter at Writer’s Forum, Petaluma, ideas for editing poetry
2014 teacher at ArtPlunge, an Interplay event, Berkeley
2012  Guest Lecturer on creativity and improvisation, California College of the Arts
2004–2006 Co-leader, “Improv Arts,” weekend creativity workshops, Los Gatos, CA
2003–2006  Co-creator, “Holding a Space,” arts workshops, Richmond and Los Gatos, CA
2000  Guest Lecturer on creativity and improvisation, Cal State Hayward, CA
1999-2004 Facilitator, Poetry Slide, creative writing group, Oakland, CA
1993-1995  Teacher, Institute of Reading Development, Berkeley, CA
1991-1992  Writer in Residence, YMCA Writer’s Voice Project, Maricopa County, AZ

Fights With Poems: sole proprietor, December, 2010-present
IMUNURI: contributor, facilitator and founder with Marna Cosmos, September, 2010–present
Writer at BigEmpire.com, 1999-present
Participant and guest blogger at Writer's Digest Poetic Asides, April 2009–present
Participant and occasional contest winner at Mad Kane's Humor Blog, April 2012–present

Professional writing
As a professional copywriter for 20 years, I have written content across media and across industries for companies including AAA, Amazon, American Express, AT&T, Big Fish Games, Bowflex, Burning Man, Conscious Dancer, Dance Magazine, Dell, eBay, Epsilon, Google, Hall Winery, Hitachi, PayPal, The Richmond Art Center, Safeway, Sears, Skymall, Supercell, and USAA.


M.F.A. Poetry, Chaired by Norman Dubie, Alberto Rios, Beckian Fritz-Goldberg
Arizona State University, 1992.

B.A. English, writing emphasis, Humanities Honors Program, Scholastic Merit Award
Mentored by Robert Peters
University of California, Irvine, 1990.


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