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Words Thing: Fangle

Another word that, if it were a word, would have given me a handsome score in Words With Friends. Also one of those words which should be a word. As George Carlin said, the concept of chalance exists. fangle To fashion something, but not in a pioneering, innovative or iconoclastic way. A product engineer might fangle a kitchen mixer with slightly better blades or a razor that stays sharper a little longer. The thing may be said to be fangled, but certainly not newfangled.

The Words Thing: Ramotions

  for David Brehemer If our feelings were rational then coming through fire with a suspicion we faked it as though chemistries beyond our reasoning weren’t working unseen to protect us, would never happen; and we’d rest injured but assured that what we feel is intelligent, more than doubt is real. The deeply sensitive poet David Brehemer was saying that emotions aren't rational, but that maybe there is a psychological phenomenon of emotions that are rational. He suggest the name "ramotions" as a portmanteau. 

The Words Thing: Conifer

When a young man, I planted a stand of cedar, Canadian yew, redwood and fir. Now I conifer the job of their upkeep to you.

The Words Thing: Spontannuity

A playful series of short poems titled with the single words the poems are about.  Spontannuity An Elvis impersonator I once interviewed used this localism more than twice. You can understand it to mean a specified income payable at stated intervals for a fixed or a contingent period, such as a lifetime, in consideration of a gargantuan pompadoured banana skating across frozen bacon grease.

The Words Thing: Detail

This was the first, or one of the first, in this playful series of short poems titled with the single words the poems are about. Detail As I played with a tiny toy horse, my mom noticed and commented on the way its crafting included “every little detail.” I said, “No, it's an h -tail.”

The Words Thing: Hairdid

This series of short poems is emerging. They're titled with the single words the poems are about. Some of these words come from playing the app Words with Friends, essentially Scrabble. When I get letters that should rearrange into a word, but don't quite make it, I start inventing words like: hairdid I love your hair! You must have hairdone. Once, you hairdid often; but these days, one only hairdoes what one can hairdo.

The Words Thing: Rote

Question: is blogging still a thing? Effective for purposes of what? And then? But anyhow, here is this project I'm thinking on, and maybe if I start to post the pieces here, they will appear to coalesce (I love the word coalesce) into something besides coal in lumps. The Words Thing: short poems titled with the single words the poems are about. Favorites. Least favorites. Fascinations. Miscellaneous. Embouchure. Heliofranticulating.  Ah, the spell check doesn't like old coins. All the better. So:  Rote This , written, is set unchanging in place. Still this, literally this, set. I may change my mind but these words, these this-es, repeated, are rote.