Creative Writing Jams

I host supportive, laid-back creative writing jams at my home in Richmond (and sometimes elsewhere). These jams may include:

  • free writing
  • writing to prompts
  • chocolate
  • playing creativity games
  • discussing writerly things
  • popcorn
  • surrealist writing scores
Sharing is optional, and feedback, if any, is directed by the writer.

This is NOT a workshop: we don’t usually review each others’ previously written work. We draft poetry, prose, dialogue, whatever.

This is about process, not product; and above all, it’s about play.

Jams are on the last Sunday of each month from 2:30-4:30 at 661 33rd Street, Richmond, CA.
Bring writing supplies, food/beverage to share and/or a little cash for the kitty.

Get on my email list for the monthly announcement as there are often schedule adjustments.


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