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A poet's progress

Found out my book One Way to Ask is on the new releases shelf at the Richmond Public Library. I must go visit it. My mind also says: bring copies to El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley, etc., etc. They will host a reading of the Richmond Anthology of Poetry in April and One Way to Ask in May! Through Natasha Dennerstein I have met Maw Shein Win, the poet laureate of El Cerrito. We talked about co-hosting at some point. Busy day ahead, but hope to submit The Trip in its new revision today.

Poetry progress

I forgot to mention yesterday that I am working on a series of haiku that, although uncredited, will be the best read poems I've ever written. I am writing a series of haiku that will appear throughout the worldwide facilities of a very large tech company, okay Google, to gently remind employees to behave in polite and respectful ways. When launched, I will try to post photos.

Today's poetry progress:

Wrote a new poem draft, probably to about 80% "done," following a listing for poems about donuts. Mine is about the slang "jelly donut," that my old comedy group used to use for jokes that lacked an idea and a punchline, an unformed joke or bit. Made a significant change to "The Trip," a sequence of 37 poems about my family's summer trip. I took out the largely unneeded epigrams on each poem. That change followed feedback from rehearsing my reading of selected poems from The Trip at Tell It On Tuesday. The show is next Tuesday, February 28, and it will be better than it would have been thanks to the rehearsal and this change. Also made improvements to two poems in the sequence. Sent a copy of Richmond Anthology of Poetry to the SF Poetry Center at SF State University following introduction to one of the curators through my friend, poet Lauren Schiffman. Sifted through poetry listings for possible future submissions for The Trip. Received po