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Bye-Bye Song on A Show With Ze Frank

The "Bye Bye Song" is back on A Show with Ze Frank . This time, it's sung by a chorus of people at The Bipartisan Cafe during the IMUNURI poetry event, August 11, 2012. In the crowd are my fellow IMUNURI poets, Scooter Cascadia, James B. Wheeler and his wife Joyce, Terence Keane (who keens, "Good night, now" in falsetto), and Lauren Ari. Also in the audience is poet, Meena Rose, friend Ellen Kramer, my cousin Hannah Fleischmann, and Lauren's cousins. My version of " Bye Bye Song " debuted on a prior episode of A Show with just me and the squeezebox.

I've been defenestrated!

I have a new poem at the witty, entertaining Defenestration online magazine. It's about what fascinates me. Love, Daniel