Queron, David Fleischmann, illustrator

Within the one everything everything is,
i have felt pressed against a dividing skin,
a curtain that both separates and marries
each real something with its counterpart non-thing.
On the other side of the invisible

schism, bardo and its shadow denizens
spiral and split, folding and complicating.
The exact opposite parallel reason
counterbalances both sides of everything.
The divide, like Carroll’s Caterpillar, says:

“Who are you—unifying and zeroing—
a clay body pressed into a clay background?
Do you invent names so that you needn’t sing?
Are you in the courtroom or on the playground?
How do you come to enjoy taking my quiz?

The dimensionless alchemy between sound
and silence underpins them both, I have found.”
By the formidable David Fleischmann, my brother.


  1. Yup, that's my drawing all right!

    And here it is on my blog: http://freeradicalsings.blogspot.com/2013/03/queron-poem-by-my-brother-daniel-ari.html


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