Jungle revival, illustrated by Kyle Trujillo

Even after watching him smack face first
into countless trees over endless days,
the ape named Ape had still not fully guessed
the depths of his friend George’s naiveté—
not until George’s “Doggie,” Shep traversed

the ancestral passage to the graveyard
of elephants. George continued calling
for Shep at dusk and setting out huge plates
of chow insisting he would be hungry
when he came home. George’s mate Ursula

and Ape both tried to explain what dying
was, but George would open a breadfruit and
shout, “Here, Shep!” Ape was awed at the Living
Saint of Primal Innocence; and he left
to live with his ape tribe. He was afraid

of seeing George laid on his own deathbed.
Meanwhile, George still lives, calling his dog, Shep.


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